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The Gods Nectar - Algarve honey


The presence of honey in human history, goes back to the Paleolithic era, being able to find numerous references in cave paintings and manuscripts. In Egyptian civilization, Greek and Roman, honey was the staple food of the children and used it in beauty products and various beverages, and was also used in embalming the dead.

The Gods Nectar - Algarve honey

Visit a Traditional Honey Plant, accompany their processes and taste the real Algarve honey.

55 €

  • Visit to Honey Plant
  • You can see all the different processes.
  • Tasting the different types of honey
  • Regional lunch
  • Book
  • Reservation with: 2 antecedence day(s).

  • 4 to 5 hours
  • All year (except rainy days)
  • Minimum: 2 // Maximum10
  • Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Personal Accidents Insurance
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Know as well:

At lunch, the typical cataplana will be served. However, there is a possibility to choose other dishes, if you don't like or have any dietary restrictions.

The activity can be carried out between 10h00 and 15h00.

The meeting point will not have to be necessarily in Albufeira. It may be agreed in advance, as convenience.

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