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Thank you for visiting our website. Please make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions shown on this page, since any use of this website requires that you accept the following Terms and Conditions.


Any content or personal data that is sent to the site www.handpick.pt is subject to the privacy and protection of personal details policy as stated in the Privacy Policy of Cloud K, Lda.

Accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information: although we use every means at our disposal to ensure the accuracy and the integrity of the information available on this web page, we will accept no responsibility in any case should the information made available on it be inaccurate or incomplete. Any change you make to the content available on this web page will be done at your own risk, and therefore you are responsible for monitoring any such changes.


Any contents or non-personal data communication that you send us via this web page, be it by e-mail or any other means, containing data, questions, comments, suggestions or the like will be treated as non-confidential data and non-proprietary.

Any information that you send us or upload to the website becomes the property of Cloud K, Lda., and may be used in any circumstance, including, but not limited to, disclosure, reproduction, transmission, publication, broadcast and placement of contents on the web. You also accept that Cloud K, Lda. is completely free to use, for any purpose it deems appropriate (including, but not limited to, the development, production, advertising and marketing of products), the ideas, developments, suggestions, and generally all concepts which you include in any communication sent to us. Its use will be free from monetary compensation to the party that provided the information.

By submitting information to this website, you also ensure that the contents thereof are your responsibility and do not have a defamatory character, and that their use by Cloud K, Lda. does not violate the rights of any third party or applicable law. Cloud K, Lda. is not obligated to use the information provided.


All copyright and other intellectual property rights inherent to the text, images and other contents in general made available on this website are the property of Cloud K, Lda. or used by this company with permission of the owner

You are allowed to browse and reproduce parts of the contents of this website both in printed media and by download to a hard disk, for the purpose of disclosure to other individuals. This is permitted subject to the condition that you respect the copyright and other intellectual property rights, and provided a mention of the brand above is made in such reproductions. The total or partial reproduction of the website for commercial purposes is prohibited, as is its modification or incorporation into any other article, publication or website.

No part of the content of this website may be interpreted as granting a license, permit or the right to use any trademark mentioned therein. The use, misuse or abuse of trademarks or any other content on this site is strictly prohibited, except as provided in these Terms and Conditions. Cloud K, Lda. will use all legal actions in order to protect and strengthen its intellectual property rights.


On this website you may find access links to other websites unrelated to Cloud K, Lda., and Cloud K., Lda. accepts no responsibility for the content, accuracy, credibility and functionality of such websites belonging to third parties. The provision of such links is made in good faith and Cloud K, Lda, cannot be held responsible for any modifications made on websites owned by third parties.

The provision of links to other websites unrelated to Cloud K, Lda. does not imply any assumption of responsibility for these websites. We strongly recommend that you inform yourself and carefully read the privacy policy and legal information of all the websites that you visit.


Your use of this website and the contents available in it is your own exclusive responsibility and done at your risk.


This website is made available to you with the content that it includes now. Therefore, Cloud K, Lda. does not make any guarantee of any kind, explicit, implied, statutory or otherwise (including implied warranties of merchantability or satisfaction of expected quality and fitness for a particular purpose) including warranties or commitments that the content of this website is complete, accurate, correct, reliable, up to date, that your access to this page will be uninterrupted or error free, and that it is free of viruses, and Cloud K, Lda. also does not guarantee that the website is secure and that any advice or view issued by Cloud K, Lda. that is obtained through this website is correct or reliable, therefore no commitment or guarantee should be assumed regarding the above mentioned aspects.

Please note that in some jurisdictions it is possible that exclusions of implied warranties are not permitted, so some of these exclusions may not apply to you. Please refer to the relevant local legislation.

Cloud K, Lda. reserves the right to, at any time and without notice, restrict, suspend or terminate access to the website or part of it, as well as any built-in feature on this page.


Cloud K, Lda. and/or any other party involved in the creation process, production and development of this website shall not be liable in any way for any direct and/or indirect, incidental, property and/or intangible damages, emerging damages and/or loss of profits, or any other damages and/or costs due to your access, use or inability to use or change of the contents of this website or any other website to which access is given through an existing link on this website, caused by any action that Cloud K, Lda. takes or does not take as a result of an email you may have sent us.

marcio [5:45 PM]5:45 Cloud K, Lda. and/or any third party involved in the creation process, production and development of this website are not responsible the maintenance of the content and services made available on this website, or for making corrections, updates or eliminations of those contents and services. All of the contents of this website are subject to change without prior notice.

Cloud K, Lda. accepts no liability of any kind for losses and/or damages caused by viruses that may infect your computer or any other equipment, resulting from your access, use or download of content from this website. If you choose to download content from this website you will do so at your own risk.

Insofar permitted by applicable law, the user agrees to expressly waive all claims against Cloud K, Lda. and its officers, directors, employees, suppliers and programmers, arising out of the use of or access to this website.


All activities which are considered by Cloud K, Lda. as inappropriate and/or which may be illegal under the laws applicable to this web page are prohibited, including, but not limited to:

Any act that would constitute a violation of privacy (including sending private information to this website without the consent of the affected person) or any other legal rights of individuals;

Using this website to defame and/or injure Cloud K, Lda. and its employees or other individual or legal persons, or act to discredit the reputation of Cloud K, Lda.;

Sending files to this website that contain viruses that may cause damage to the property of Cloud K, Lda. or the property of individuals;

Post or send to this website any unauthorized content, including, but not limited to, content that is likely to cause, in our view, damage or injury, or which violates the network security systems of Cloud K, Lda. or third parties, as well as content that is defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, of pornographic nature or content which may be considered unlawful in general.


All users of this page and Cloud K, Lda. accept, without reservation, that any dispute or litigation resulting from the use of this web page shall be governed by Portuguese law, and the legal district of Évora, Portugal, will be deemed competent, with express waiver of any other.


Cloud K, Lda. uses search technology through Cookies. The Cloud K, Lda. policy regarding Cookies is set forth in the Cloud K, Lda. Cookies Policy provided on this website.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. Please visit this page regularly to review the information contained on the website and any additional new information.

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